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Sunday, March 11, 2012

AMAZING VIDEO FOOTAGE: Alien Construction on the moon.

CLICK ON IMAGE OR HERE TO ENTER; and explore this Alien structure on the moon. The video you are about to see, said to be a NASA leaked video. Aired on Spanish television in Spain, so the narration is in Spanish. Mission in which this expedition took place, Apollo 11; on June 21st of 1969. Armstrong and Algrin stepped a few feet away from their module, entering and filming this incredible, what is visibly seem like a hugh structure. It is located at Sea of Tranquility, and several millions of years old. May have been constructed by the very materials of the moon's surface. The video is 14mins in duration, and titled [Ancient construction on moon hoax]

One more amazing video footage. Ancient Structure On The Moon Filmed By Armstrong, 1969 CLICK ON IMAGE OR HERE TO ENTER;

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